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The IT industry has proven time and time again that it’s almost recession-proof. This makes it a lucrative career to pursue if you’re considering becoming a network engineer. The market is always in demand for network engineers of all experience levels and skill sets.

Jazz is a truly American phenomenon. It reflects the individual’s yearning for freedom and ability to express themselves without being tied down with rules. In other words, improvisation is the very essence of jazz music. Which in a way explains this genre’s appeal throughout the decades.

When COVID-19 first hit, it wasn’t just our health that was at risk, but also our work routines, livelihood, and daily habits. With more and more people working from home and children attending online classes, the need to keep our network infrastructure strong has never been more pressing.


Michael Nunoo is an expert network engineer from Watervliet, New York. His job is to make sure all the communications networking for his organization is fully operational and functioning smoothly. Michael Nunoo configures the software, the routers and switches, and makes sure everybody has access to the internet and connectivity to everything while in their place of work –even in a remote place where users wouldn’t normally be able to get a wifi signal.

“This industry and especially the company I work for gives me the opportunity to grow. Every time I ask for a new challenge, my company gives it to me. Whether it is joining in with the hardware team, the software team, navigation, or communications, my goal is to be proficient in all those areas. They know I’m willing and able to learn.”

Although most people on the planet use the internet on the daily, very few people actually know how the internet came to be. Even more than that, people are often unaware of how the internet is constantly evolving and of the major scientific and technological strides that have been made because of the internet. Michael Nunoo is a network engineer from Watervliet, New York. He shares a brief history of the internet and some of the latest, most important breakthroughs relating to it.

Are you a fan of jazz music? Then you’re in luck because there are so many incredible jazz music festivals to attend around the world. Michael Nunoo is a network engineer from Watervliet, New York, who has a passion for jazz music. In fact, he is a gospel jazz musician himself, playing the trumpet for a band called Let’s Worship. He outlines the top seven jazz festivals in the world.

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